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Light bites

Broccoli stalk soup (serves 2-4)

One of Caroline’s favourite soups Ingredients:3 large broccoli heads with stalks and florets separated1 small leek chopped (use all of it)1 litre vegetable stock (eg marigold or kallo)extra virgin oilpinch of smoked paprikalarge handful of leafy greens (eg spinach or kale)1 tsp grated ginger200 mls plant milk Garnish: spring onion green tops and leftover peas Method: Cut…


Red lentil and tomato sauce

As you can see from the cover of ‘The Bean Book’ by Rose Elliot, it is a well used book with many delicious recipes. Caryn often makes this red lentil and tomato sauce as it goes well with mashed potato or pasta.



This gingerbread went down well with family avoiding dairy and eggs due to a food intolerance. Caryn has shared this Nigella Lawson recipe with a number of friends who all had a go and enjoyed the results. Works well as a cake and would also make a great pudding.

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