The Climate Action Stokesley and Villages group are supporting the reduction of the use of energy in the area and the use of renewable energy through:

  • publicising ways for households and shops/businesses to use less energy
  • encouraging local small-scale solar and wind energy
  • promoting suppliers of 100% renewable energy
  • lobbying local councils for new build in the area to be carbon neutral

Passivhaus tour
A group from CASAV (Climate Action Stokesley and Villages) had a tour around this Passive House on January 25th 2020. Pete & Joy Smith agreed that Mike Newton, a group member, would make a YouTube of the Passive House so a much wider audience come understand what was involved and might be influenced to modify their own home. The YouTube lasts for 18 minutes and it is well worthwhile watching to the end as Pete gives an excellent description of all aspects of the Passive House.

Key documents/links

Information on energy reduction and renewable energy for our area can be found in the Energy section of Moor Sustainable CIC’s website.

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