The Climate Action Stokesley and Villages group are supporting the reduction of the use of energy in the area and the use of renewable energy through:

  • publicising ways for households and shops/businesses to use less energy
  • encouraging local small-scale solar and wind energy
  • promoting suppliers of 100% renewable energy
  • lobbying local councils for new build in the area to be carbon neutral

Calendar of Events

A Logical Approach to Energy Use

The energy pyramid is key no matter what your interest in energy is:

Energy Pyramid

Whether you are trying to save money, reduce your carbon dioxide, drive an EV efficiently or make your home warmer, first you need to understand energy use, then work up the energy pyramid.

Understand Energy Use

Energy use can appear obvious, you turn up the valve on the radiator, you push on the accelerator, this is just the start. How effective the radiator is at warming up your home depends on where the radiator is placed, whether it is correctly sized for your boiler, the room it is in and the insulation. What happens when you press the accelerator depends not just on the size of your engine, but the roof rack, your tyres, your tyre pressure, the state of your exhaust.

Reduce Energy Wastage

The first thing is not to use energy if you don’t need to, make sure you are not heating rooms that aren’t being used, heat is not leaking due to draughts, you drive the shortest route.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Insulate your home. Pump up your tyres.

Generate from Sustainable Sources

Buy renewable electricity, replace your boiler with an heat pump, generate electricity from solar panels, charge your electric vehicle from solar panels.

Using Less Energy

We are pulling together a number of local case studies of how people are using less energy, have a read of how they have reduced their energy consumption covering the range from new build to retrofit – Home Energy Case Studies

Rather than write a new guide to how to save energy we have pulled together useful information from reliable sources, in each case we have picked a highlight, most of the sites have lots of other useful information too:

Passivhaus tour
A group from CASAV (Climate Action Stokesley and Villages) had a tour around this Passive House on January 25th 2020. Pete & Joy Smith agreed that Mike Newton, a group member, would make a YouTube of the Passive House so a much wider audience come understand what was involved and might be influenced to modify their own home. The YouTube lasts for 18 minutes and it is well worthwhile watching to the end as Pete gives an excellent description of all aspects of the Passive House.

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