The Endeavour Way

Endeavour Way photo on planned route

The Covid 19 pandemic together with the urgent need to address the climate emergency has highlighted the importance of constructing the Endeavour Way as part of considering a major revision in respect to transport provision.

The Endeavour Way provides a sustainable 9km active travel route as an alternative to private vehicle and public transport use between the communities of Great Ayton and Stokesley in the Hambleton District of north east Yorkshire.

The main features of the route being the replacement of an existing 3 km footpath link between Stokesley and Great Ayton with a new dual use cycle and footpath and a link to Great Ayton railway station. This ties in with the Government’s commitment to increase cycling, with an ambition to make cycling and walking the natural choice for all shorter journeys or as part of a longer journey.

Therefore, the Climate Action Stokesley and Villages group is working with local councillors to enable the route to be built.

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