Zero carbon

As a group we are working with local councils, local businesses, schools, churches and other community organisations to look at how we can plan for a zero carbon area and members are individually taking part in local action and writing to our MP and Government Ministers.

Friends of the Earth has produced a guide to how climate friendly different areas of the country are. Type in you postcode to find out how Hambleton is rated.

As this area of our work develops we will provide more information about the resources we are using and the responses from different councils and other key stakeholders.

The current state of progress towards zero carbon Hambleton, North Yorkshire, England, UK, the World are complex and widely reported in the run up to COP26. So we have written a number of pages accessed through an introduction to zero carbon which explain why the earth needs to get to zero carbon, analyses a number of plans, pathways and some technologies / changes which are key to reach zero carbon. When reading look for real progress – plans / research / pilot schemes are necessary but won’t get the world to net zero carbon, only actions will get us to net zero – personally insulating your house / getting an electric vehicle (with renewable charging) / … and organisationally (payed for by us) upgrading the grid to allow enough wind turbines / solar panels to be connected …

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