Supporting the reduction of the use of energy in the area and the use of renewable energy


Working on reducing the use of petrol/diesel vehicles


Saving what is already here that is local to the area and planting more trees


Promoting ways to reduce, reuse and recycle in the local area

Apple pressing autumn 2019

Working on promoting sustainable food

Zero carbon
Climate strike 20th September 2019

Working with local councils and other organisations to realise zero carbon

About us

We aim to help the communities in Stokesley and the surrounding villages to take action on climate change by supporting and developing local initiatives to reduce carbon emissions or adapt to the changing climate.

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We want to encourage local people to tread more lightly on our Earth – Think Global Act Local

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Our group is growing, with over 220 on our mailing list and 320 in our Facebook group
(October 2022).

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