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Stokesley School green group is made up of students from all year groups from year 7 right up to 6th form, who have an interest in improving the school environment.  We aim to meet several times every term and, at the moment, we are doing this virtually.  We have recently registered to work towards becoming an Eco-School which is a global programme engaging 19.5 million children across 67 countries, making it the largest educational programme on the planet.  We are hoping to be awarded the green flag at the end of the process which we think will take a couple of years to complete.   

The green group members are currently busy creating a dedicated ‘eco-committee’ ready to undertake the first stage of the application process. This will involve surveying the school site and rating it against a whole range of environmental factors and standards.  From there, we can work out where our priorities lie with making improvements.  We have big plans which include planting more trees and shrubs on site, further segregating our waste, reducing our reliance on single use plastics, such as water bottles, and replacing them with long lasting alternatives and encouraging departments to purchase recycled paper products and glue sticks made from recycled plastic. 

So, watch this space! 

A member of the Stokesley School’s green group is also a member of the Climate Action Stokesley and Villages steering group enabling us to work closely together.

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