May’s Waste Thoughts – 2023

Full notes below, quick summary:

  • Upcycling Poster Competition – can you tell us how to turn a waste object into something new and useful, if so enter the competition
  • Possibility of Regeneration is a new animation from Kiss the Ground which connects regenerative farming to indigenous people’s farming
  • We are already up to lots of upcycling of things already
  • Saltburn’s young people’s Generation Climate want to learn about mending
  • Portsmouth Museum has a great exhibition which forcefully exhibition showing how important it is for the marine environment to reduce single use plastics
  • It turns out that chemical recycling of plastics doesn’t just make new plastics, but also diesel
  • If recycling of plastics is not done properly than lots of microplastics end up in the aquatic environment
  • Interesting lecture on how to reduce the environmental impact of food.


  • Simon – Upcycling Poster Competition – add CASaV logo to letter and presentation.
    An invite letter (pdf) and an informational presentation (pdf)
  • Simon – Upcycling Poster Competition – confirm details with Stokesley Globe Community Library.
  • Kate – Upcycling Poster Competition – produce publicity poster.
  • Simon – Upcycling Poster Competition – contact NYC to seek a judge.
  • All – Upcycling Poster Competition – circulate to schools / other organisations.
    Pete / Joy – Carlton
    Anne – Stokesley Primary & Secondary
    Caryn – Roseberry School – Marwood?
    Spenser? – Hutton Rudby
    Chloe – Kirby & Great Broughton
  • Anne / Simon / Kate – Upcycling Poster Competition – publicity – look into Radio, D&S, Facebook

If you have just signed up to the Waste Group, then welcome, I hope these notes of our discussion make sense.

We meet once a month to talk about topics connected to waste and plan / report progress on our ongoing activities such as the Repair Cafes, Foodshare, Refill scheme and upcoming events such as the Bilsdale Show.  If you visit the “Thoughts on Waste” page on the CASaV website you can find all our past discussions –

Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Notes form 15th May 2023 CASaV Waste Group Meeting


Upcycling Day / Competition
Actions from last meeting
Matters arising: Repair Cafes: Swainby 20/5; Stokesley 10/6
Recent online / physical meetings
AOB: Great Big Green Week

Actions from Last Meeting

Upcycling Poster Competition

Anne has put together an invite letter (pdf) and an informational presentation (pdf) for the competition.

Basically the competition is for people to make a poster which describes how an upcycled item can be made. The competition is designed to be approachable by individuals of any age, children in school or in another organised setting. Judging will be looking for the most wacky, most practical, most beautiful and simplest posters, across age ranges 7-9, 10-11, 12-14 and 14+.

The posters will displayed in Stokesley Globe Community Library on International Upcycling Day 24th June and the public will be asked to say what makes their best poster best. The public opinions will used to guide the judging. A team of judges hoped to include NYC representative, and a couple of people with relevant experience in engineering / materials.

There will also be opportunities for people to put poster together at the Repair Cafes, in Swainby on 20th May and Stokesley on 10th June, with tables set out with resources. Other opportunities may also be sort.

Submission will be possible either at the Globe or via collection from schools.

Prizes will all be environmentally related – reusable water bottles etc..

Action: Simon – add CASaV logo to letter and presentation.
An invite letter (pdf) and an informational presentation (pdf)

Action: Simon – confirm details with Stokesley Globe Community Library.

Action: Kate – produce publicity poster.

Action: Simon – contact NYC to seek a judge.

Action: All circulate to schools / other organisations.
Pete / Joy – Carlton
Anne – Stokesley Primary & Secondary
Caryn – Roseberry School – Marwood?
Spenser? – Hutton Rudby
Chloe – Kirby & Great Broughton

Action: Anne / Simon / Kate – publicity – look into Radio, D&S, Facebook



The animation – Possibilities of Regeneration from Kiss the Ground could be shown during Repair Cafe – it explains how regenerative agriculture is beneficial way to farm and how it is derived from the practices of indigenous people which have proved to be sustainable over 1000s of years.

Upcycling – cartons with holes as water reservoir next to plants.


Upcycling – allotment use cartons from oat milk – cut down used as plant pots for potting on, so half cut open bottom, then can just drop the whole plant out to plant out without disturbing the roots.

Upcycling – individual plant mini-green house from sweet jars

Upcycling – use 2litre fizzy drink bottles as water reservoirs placed next to thirsty plants

Upcycling – Pete uses 2litre fizzy drink bottle to blanch / accelerate celery – but need to be careful as can also attract slugs

Very satisfying to able to run EV car purely off solar power at this time of year.


Going to Saltburn to teach young people mending skills, will mention Upcycling Competition. The group is Generation Climate which has been funded by National Lottery to run a young people’s climate group (12-18).

Portsmouth Museum had a superb exhibition from Wilder Solent that has been put together with public participation as part a project called Secrets of the Solent, which focused on how reducing single use plastics was a key part of improving the environmental quality of the Solent.

Action: Kate – adapt Portsmouth Museum / Wilder Solent environmental impact of plastics exhibition for local display in the Globe / Discovery / Hub over GBGW and National Upcycling Day (in the Globe)

Once again heavily reinforces the need to focus strongly on Reduce then things just can’t end up in the wrong place or produce carbon dioxide.


Previously discussed the new Teesside plant to breakdown plastics into oil which can be used as a raw material for new plastics, this is chemical recycling, any plastic can be broken down with high energy steam. While energy is needed to breakdown the plastic, it keep the carbon in the plastics in use, rather than being converted to carbon dioxide.

The first plant on Teesside is being run by Clean Planet Energy (part of the Clean Planet Group), which will process 20,000 tonnes of hard to mechanically recycle plastics per year. However it turns out part of the plastics will be converted to ultra low sulfur diesel, this was announced in a press release, announcing that BP will take the output from Clean Planet Energy’s Teesside plant as part of BP’s Transformation.

So how good this is will now depend on how much of the output ends up as new plastic and how much as diesel.

The Cleveland Institution of Engineers May Lecture may be of interest – Balancing Resource Efficiency and Climate Change – can be attended both physically and via Webex (click here to join).


Nano/micro plastics are becoming a more visible issue and it turns out that poor recycling of plastics can result in nearly 5% of the material being recycled polluting the water as micro particles – (news item, reserach paper). Once again stressing that the best way to cut pollution is to reduce use thereby reducing the need for recycling.

Matters Arising

20th May Swainby Repair Cafe: still keen to get more volunteers to help in making the Repair Cafes work and also in spreading the climate message.

10th June Stokesley Repair Cafe: will be combined with activities around Great Big Green Week.

Recent online / physical meetings

Joseph Poore – Reducing the Environmental Impact from Food

Basically the most effective way is to become vegan, as for example if the whole of Edinburgh stopped eating meat then this would free up an area of land equivalent to the Lake District which could be used for rewilding or carbon sequestration. You can see Joseph’s slide – here.

It is also National Vegetarian Week this week.


Summer Half Term – Joanna Whitwell – Discovery Centre Great Ayton book – Book sculpture.

Bilsdale Show – 26th August – Jenny, Kate, Simon, (Joanna?); Talking to people with farmers, horse owners – lots of people keen to tell us what they were doing; What to display / put on the stall?

Reclaim Our Sea Update: The coalition of fishers, environmentalists, academics are still trying to get action on the ongoing die off, recently had a meeting with DEFRA – Department of Environment Farming and Rural Affairs/EA – Environment Agency/MMO – Marine Management Organisation/CEFAS – Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science. Open meeting lots of discussion, but not much has happened since it.

CASaV Local EngagementFacebook Group members now up to 400 people

Next meeting

Tuesday 13th June 7.00pm

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