Broccoli stalk soup (serves 2-4)

One of Caroline’s favourite soups Ingredients:3 large broccoli heads with stalks and florets separated1 small leek chopped (use all of it)1 litre vegetable stock (eg marigold or kallo)extra virgin oilpinch of smoked paprikalarge handful of leafy greens (eg spinach or kale)1 tsp grated ginger200 mls plant milk Garnish: spring onion green tops and leftover peas Method: CutContinue reading “Broccoli stalk soup (serves 2-4)”

Planting and keeping trees event

The theme for our online monthly meeting, on Tuesday 15th December starting at 7.30pm, is planting trees. There will be a variety of short presentations including tree planting in Stokesley, Hutton Rudby and Ingleby Greenhow and input from a local resident who is lucky enough to be planting his own wood and another who hasContinue reading “Planting and keeping trees event”