Endeavour Way update July 2020

Last week the Government launched its new Cycling and Walking Plan for England along with a range of measures to encourage walking and cycling. There isn’t a better time to push for routes needed to help decarbonise transport.

In order to move forward with the plans for the Endeavour Way, a new sub-group of the Stokesley and Community Partnership has been set up. The group is called the Public and Active Transport – Stokesley and Villages (PAT) group and in the long term it will have a wider remit than the Endeavour Way.

The group has submitted a response to North Yorkshire County Council’s call for Councillors and walking/cycling groups to prioritise routes for funding through the Emergency Active Travel fund. Unfortunately, this fund is not appropriate for the Endeavour Way route due to the size of the pot of money and when it needs to be spent. However, the group look forward to having a conversation with North Yorkshire County Council about working together to be ready to access appropriate funding when it becomes available.

North Yorkshire County Council has asked people to add routes they would like developed to their online map using a simple form. Please can you add the Endeavour Way route to show the level of support there is for the route and any other routes you would like to see be developed. 

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