September’s Waste Thoughts – 2021

Main focus planning for event on 25th September.

Actions/Volunteers for 25th:

  • Anne Mannix – Saturday, quiz recycling symbols + food symbols / Fraid shop
  • Caryn – soft plastics leaflet / recycling containers from Globe
  • NYR – lots of leaflets / pasta-rice scoops / bag clip / ….. – check
  • Kate – Saturday / talk to charity shops / Methodists re furniture / upcycled items – Pinterest page share on website / Facebook – jam jars, coffee jars, use of Freecycle – stop landfill
  • Simon – Saturday / talk to takeaways in Stokesley
  • Geoff  – manning the stall etc on Saturday
  • Pete & Joy – Saturday / How bad are bananas – waste of energy examples of what to do?
  • Wendy – Food / loyalty cards from Weigh Out / Green Apple 
  • David – Saturday – effort of individual vs benefits from council – how much CO2 is being saved – what does your effort cost!  Soft plastic a bit more effort – feel – Hambleton Tracey – Grange over sands – actions for individuals – financial / CO2
  • Bridget – Saturday

We also had a brainstorm about engaging young people on 25th – Simon reach out to others to see if others could contribute:

  • Climate Strike?
  • Crafting corner / Scrap sculpture
  • Notice in the Globe / Schools / Council Notice Boards / Facebook(Kate) / Sarah (Instagram)
  • Jack Turton / primary schools?
  • Great Busby cub pack
  • DoE – service part CASaV meetings


  • Tuesday 14 – Waste mtg
  • Thursday 16 – Food mtg
  • Friday 17 / Monday 20 – Waste + Food + Rotters + CASaV
  • Tuesday 21 – Rota
  • Thursday 23 – full plan of exactly what we are going to be doing
  • Saturday 25 – 10am-2pm in front of Methodist Church Stokesley High Street

Some of the topics we should be prepared to discuss or directly highlight on 25th:

  • How waste contributes to climate change
  • Don’t see waste see resources
  • Importance of waste hierarchy refuse, reduce, reuse, rehome, repair, recycle,rot, ….
  • Visual / practical recycling bins from The Globe
  • Highlight soft plastics at Coops – leaflet on what can be recycled
  • Highlight how Only Weigh Out reduces waste – perhaps give out only Weigh Out loyalty cards
  • Engage other appropriate businesses Green Apple Cafe
  • Bin before/after soft plastics recycling
  • Why it’s good to clean before recycling

Things for 25th

While the idea is joint Food and Waste event our discussions concentrated on Waste but a few Food ideas were mentioned – hand out Seeds and possibly banana curry tasting – will need to check Covid security, crossover with coffee sacks being used as planters.   Could we advertise allotments – depends if any are available.  Stackable sprouters / window sills for food growing.  Give away comfry plants?

Weeds are potential food – either directly chick weed /  good king henry or indirectly as compostable items to help other plants grow.

We will be joined by some of the North Yorkshire Rotters volunteers, so they will bring giveaways to reduce food waste (Love food hate waste) – lots of leaflets, rice/paste/spaghetti portion right sizers, bag sealers etc..

Need to highlight the importance of COP26.

We will practically demonstrate that items are not waste but resources – upcycled items that people could take away: paper pads, jam jars painted / macrame hangers.

A similar leaflet / poster to the attached leaflet that Wend got when in the South Lakes could be a good way to suggest things for individuals to combat climate change.


Jenny – Many clothes end up dumped in Africa, which both has a similar effect to plastic bags with piles of European / North American waste, but has the additional effect of distorting the local economies – killing local clothes/cloth making businesses.  Much like plastic bags the answer is to buy less clothes, buy second hand clothes at a reasonable price, use your clothes for longer – each new piece of clothing you don’t buy will be one less piece that ends up dumped at end of life – local charity shops have some great clothes and if things are past reuse then North Yorkshire County Council’s waste sites collect textiles – Textiles and clothing | North Yorkshire County Council

This article very much points out that if you produce 150billion items of clothing a year there is going to be a surplus which is the root cause of the dumping – Where does clothing end up? Modern colonialism disguised as donation – Fashion Revolution : Fashion Revolution

Joy and Pete – should there be carbon footprint on the food packets, if not then best judgement on carbon footprint is from country of origin and seasonality, but need to use some judgement.

The Guardian has highlight request for COP26 to be postponed until developing country / front line activists can attend, as currently many not vaccinated, so effectively further discrimination against the very countries which will be worst effected by climate change.  However, time is running out, so going ahead in 2021 may be the least worst option for the world’s population. 

If a compost heap is protected from rats then put everything on the compost heap – could more urban communities have community compost heaps.

Simon – Still proving challenging to truly get a connected recycling/reuse in place for most items outside those recycled by councils.

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