October’s Waste Thoughts – 2020

Before the lockdown the Waste sub-group put together a very simple vision to minimise waste.  Now, following the model that Barry set out that very much gives us the goal to head for.

Myself as a latecomer having gone through the notes of the sub-group and all the information on the website, the sub-group has identified many activities which can be carried out now and started doing many of these.

So for me the next step is make sure that these good activities are not just being carried out by us but by the rest of Stokesley and Villages, easier said than done.

Caryn has suggested we look at what we do between now to reach our 2030 vision of minimising waste via Barry’s stepwise process, so we have 2 great first steps.

Beyond this I think we need to have a discussion to decide how to move beyond the waste we generate everyday to see how we would tackle what could be less regular but large generators of waste and results in release of considerable greenhouse gases.

I started to think about consumption of bigger items and processes such as building which in a single step can generate huge amounts of waste.

The group has already suggested repair, if a television can be repaired and its life extended by 5 years this has significant both waste and carbon benefit.

Another area we could look at is sharing, could Stokesley have a Zip-car scheme, meaning people only get a car when they need it?  Could Swainby have a lawnmower sharing scheme?

At this point I think we need to have a discussion to identify the next steps that we will pursue to take us on the path to minimising waste by 2030.

What do you think?  Do you think we should meet via Zoom to take further?

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